Upcoming bikes in India in 2018-19.

Upcoming bikes in India 2018-19

1.Hero duet-e

    hero duet-e is next janration scooter.her concept model show in auto expo 2016. With single charge 60 to 65 km.her power produce lithium iron battrey. hero duet -e fitted eletric motor and he jenrate 15 nm torque.
Expected prize 50.000 -55.000
Expected launch after 2019

2.Hero maestro edge 125

     this new update of maestro .maestro best scooter in india. it's come digital analog meter.maestro is first scooter it's come with (i3s) idle start stop system. (I3S)system avilable hero motorcycle.
  Expected prize 50.000 -55.000
  Expected launch December.

3.Royal Enfield interceptor 650

    It's rumer royal Enfield offer 648cc engine .this bike intefceptor come with dual channel ABS are available.with 6speed gear royal Enfield interceptor 650 look cool .
 Expected prize 3 lakh -4 lakh
 Expected launch December

4.Tvs dazz

  It's come 110cc single cylinder air cooled engine.this scooter show in auto expo 2016.
this model are available in South asian market.this bike look like aprilla Sr 125.tvs dazz avilable in front wheel discbrake.
 Expected prize 60.000- 70.000
 Expected launch December

5.Tvs ceron

  tvs ceron come with very sporty look.this scooter concept of eletric scooter.it show in auto expo 2018. it's scooter gets 1 hour to get full charge.he fitted eletric motor and produce 15 nm nm power
 Expected prize 70.000-80.000
 Expected launch april2019 

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