apply safety element to first aid for macanical workshop.

when we are working in the work shop there are possibility of accident occurring in to any accident.we should take necessary step to give first aid to the injured person before going to the doctor it is assent that to know the five point to give current injures person.


we get cut drive the hacksaw blade while cutting ,when we get cut the should allowed the blood to how in the Begin so that all dust a Glass particles are chip a wash out.if bloods is cooled we should apply pressure with the help of finger should force the blood out.than finger should be clean with spirit and bandage properly.


this wound is small but deep it is necessary to clean out side with spiriti.

3)Deep cut

this is cured while hank saw due to this cut more blood is stile bleeding than contact doctor as soon as possible.


burns are causal by fir,hot pics,hot water than burn should be clean with alcohol never use iodine ,it buster appeared you to break with pins,burner oil,treatment should be applied by doctor.

5)Eye wound 

this is caarel by while grading we should wear safety goggle if small particle full on your eye to stop eye leads should be browned to the bottom of eye heds of the piece are not removed.he should not whipped if a concerns to the doctor as soon as possible.
at least two eye wash glass should available in the first aid box.two bottles of a clean water  may also be kept available if may be kept in mind than after than eye enjoy the present must sent to the doctor some Aime eye locket o.k after first aid box but trouble may be develop after wound so never take the risk are not showing present to the glasses souled be available every place where there danger for eye enjoy.


blister are cured due to adage of door or heart of hammer break it with the help of a pin applied iodine.

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