Maruti Suzuki cars get discount offer, only arena delership

maruti Suzuki largest passenger car manufacturer her arena dealership has announced discount offer in her car .
this discount get only arena dealership car.

her best selling car maruti Suzuki swift and alto 800 get 43000 Rs.her swift has recently get best car of the award in 2019.swift has petrol and diesel option available.

petrol has 1.2vvt engine max power this engine 61kw@6000 rpm and maximum torque 113nm@4200rpm.petrol model get 22kmpl millage.diesel variant has 1.3L engine that engine make 55.2kw@4000rpm and minimum torque  is 190nm@2000rpm.diesel variant has  28.4kmpl millage.maruti Suzuki swift available in automatic variant also.

alto 796cc engine and max power is 35.3kw@6000 rpm and 69nm@3500 rpm max torque.alto 800 get 22.5 kmpl millage.
Maruti Suzuki celerio and alto k10 has offered 53.000 Rs discount.all two has 1.0L petrol engine that makes 50kw@6000 rpm max power and 90nm@3500 rpm max torque.alto k10 petrol variant get 23.96kmpl millage and CNG variant 32.35kmpl millage.celerio available in diseal and CNG variant also.

Old model eartiga and wagonR has 60.000 Rs want clear unsold stock.customer get old variant in this huge discount.old one eartiga has 1.2L vvt engine that makes 61kw@6000 rpm and maximum torque 113nm@4200rpm.and diesel has 1.3 diesel engine, maruti Suzuki recently launch her 1.5 L diesel engine option to  new eartiga.

Unsold model maruti Suzuki wagonR ha 1.0L engine option.engine produce 60kw@6000 rpm and 113nm@4200 rpm max torque.
Her maruti Suzuki Vitara brezza and dzire get 40.000Rs discount.this top selling variant in maruti Suzuki.vitara brezza has 1.3L diesel plane to petrol variant very soon.
Dzire has 1.2L petrol engine and 1.3L diesel engine option available.

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