Types of gear use in macanical industry.

1)Spar gear:
On these gears teeth are cut straight paralled to the axle of rotation and usually one or two teeth of one gear remain engaged with the other gear these gears are noisy during engagement and mostly used for slow speed to avoid vibration and noise.

2)Helical gears:
 On these types of gears teeth are cat obliquely acros the perimeter of gears in stead of being straight engagement between two teeth started at tooth tip of one gear and rolls down.the teeth to the trailing edge.this anguler contact tend to cause a side Thurston which bearing mist take care of this gears ate quieter inoperati and have greater strength and life.

3)Double helical gear:

 these are really duble helical gears with teeth angles.reversedon opposite side.this cause the Thurston produced by one side to be counter balanced by the thurst produce dby the other sides.the two set of teeth are usally separted at the center by better aligement and to prevent lubrication to get traped at the apex.these type of gear are used for heavy load application as we can see in large turbines and genration.

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