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Luxury car manufacture Audi has recalled her first electric SUV E-Tron.this voluntary recall Audi car in US.

this Audi e-tron launch in April in US.this recall is 'potentially faulty seal' problem.battery pack has get moisture and Audi e-tron electric system problem in battery.this moisture has very dangerous,car battery get fire.but this type any complaint not get in Audi.

In Audi has find 1644 e-tron affected.this e-tron has 300kw and 660kw each axle electric motor.this car goes 0-100kmph in 5.6 seconds sport mode and 6.7 in Eco mode.e-tron has 95kwh lithium iron battery and 200kmph top speed available.

Audi also offer complementary Audi maintenance care $800 gift card to owner who done all ready pay for service.

this car has all wheel air suspension system with five suspension different choose to driving experience  in your driving situations.

her asynchronous electric motor has liquid cooling system.thy maintenance balance temperature in high use.

Audi e-tron available in Amazon Alexa,10.1 infotainment system with navigation and multimedia, virtual cockpit plus available.

Audi e-tron available in premium plus and prestige variant.premium plus is US available in $74.800 and prestige $81.800.

Audi this car launch upcoming year.Audi India expected price range 1crore.