IRDAI has increased third party motor insurance in 21% in different category vehicle.this new added cost has work in 16 June.

according two wheeler new third party insurance 75cc has 12.9% increase means 430Rs to 485Rs .above 75cc to 150cc has 4.4% means 730Rs to 462Rs.150cc to 350cc has 21.1% that increase 990Rs to 1198Rs.
any 350cc above two wheelerhas price is 2323Rs.
same car owner also buy third party insurance in car.this is very risky to buy because two wheeler accident you not to much money,but four wheeler accident you pay more than 1 lakh.
so it necessary to buy first party insurance in car.

If owner buy her private car third party insurance  in 1000cc engine option has 12% increase means last year car owner has paid 1855 than now he paid 2076.another 1000cc to 1500cc has last year 2865Rs than now is 3223Ra that means thy increase 12.5 %.any above 12.5cc.if any 1500cc has continued pay 7890cc has last year 1700 Rs it available.this insurance no price change
this new third party insurance  also available in electric two wheeler in India.

any electric car above 65kw is 6707 Rs available.if any electric car owner want long term policy than thy have pay 20670Rs. electric two wheeler has 16kw has 1975Rs and long term has 11.079Rs.