electric scooter launch by new company techo electra.

Techo electra the Pune based new start up launch new electric scooter in India.thy launch neo, raptor,emerga electric scooter in different options.
techo electra neo

This three scooter has hub fitted bldc motor to produce power with different millage range option.

her neo has 48v20ah battery power and raptor has 60v32ah battery power option.this two has lead acid battery available.her Emerge has 60v30ah lithium ion battery operated.
techo electra rapator

electric scooter in lead acid battery fitted has 5-7 hours to full charge with 50-80 drive range option.other lithium iron battery has take 4-5 hours full charge with 70-80 drive range option.Emerga has removable battery type to charge in normal power outlet.
this EV update India many start up has launch her electric vehicle,Indian government has decreased road tax in electric vehicle.but this India has not ready to electric vehicle.India very less charging station,thy only available in metro city.indien government plane increase charging station in India.
techo eletra emerge

This techo electra electric scooter Neo and raptor has similar to like Honda dio  scooter.other Emerge has little bit similar to Vespa classic design.neo and raptor has same Honda dio style led headlamp.all three scooter has high rigid tubular chassis to better safety.this electric scooter has fully ARAI certified.this all three scooter LED instrument cluster,led head lights and mobile charging USB.just Emerge and Raptor has reverse gear option available.

In suspension system has all front has telescopic fork suspension and rear has duel shock absorber.in braking system thy have neo has front drum and rear has drum brake other Raptor and Emerge front has disc and rear has drum brake system.
In tyre option thy have 10 inch alloy neo has 2-75-10 tubeless and raptor and Emerge has 3-00-10 tubeless tyre get.thy all three has 150 mm ground clearance in better to other scooter.in under seat storage option neo has 12L,Raptor has 19.5L and Emerge has 17.5L boot space available.

This techo electric scooter price range between 43k - 70k in all three variant.techo has provide motor and controller 12 month warranty and charger has 6 month warranty.other same problem defected than company provide 1 year warranty policy.
Company has all ready have 50 plus dealership in India,same city thy sell upcoming month.

1.Neo has available in black,red,green and white colour option.

2.Raptor has skyblue with black,black with orange design,white and red colour option.

3.emerge has red,black and yellow colour option 

In India many electric scooter auther, okinawa,razor many more best in there class.now see techo electra get what response in Indian market.

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