In 2019 union budget indien goverment offer lot more to eletric vehicle buyer.

In 2019 union budget indien goverment offer lot more to eletric vehicle buyer.
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Today Indian government reviled union budget 2019.this budget government make same positive news in electric vehicle.

In assembly finance minister  Mrs.nirmala sitharaman has present union budget 2019 in this budget thy reduce GST price in electric vehicle.thy decrease in 12% to 5%.government all ready section 10.000crore in FAME phase-ll in next 3 this plane government install 2700 charging station in city and connected highway road in India.

finance minister nirmala sitaraman told her government want electric vehicle major hub.thy provide electric vehicle  consumer loan to 1.5lakh additional benefit in income tax.

Indian government force make electric vehicle parts in days most of car parts import another country.thy prompt this parts manufacture in India.

In increase fuel price she said,"I propose to increase spacial additional excise duty and road and infrastructure cess each by one rupee a litre on petrol and diesel."

Indian Government plan 2030 will be sold more than 6 crore electric vehicle in India.

Mr.Naveen munjal hero electric managing director said,"the electric vehicle industry needed a substantial boost a support from the government and we welcome the government recommendation of reduction of GST on EVs from 12% to addition to this,income tax deduction of up to Rs 1.5lakh on the interest paid on EV loans is an extremely positive move which will encourage customer to make a switch from ICE vehicle EVs.reduction in custom duty on lithium ion cells would help local component manufacture in scaling up the production thereby further reducing the overall upfront cost of electric vehicles in India we are confident that such directives will boost up the rate of EV adoption and will act as a catalyst in the government's aim of faster adoption of electric vehicle and higher level of localisation under the 'make in india' initiative."

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