Lotus show EVIJA the electric supercar in londn.

British soort car manufature Lotus has reveled her EVIJA in 'most power full production car in world's' tagline.this fully eletric super car wnwrap in London with big event.

This super hypercar hasv4 motors in each wheel,this wheel make 493 ho power.all four motor make 1973 ho (2000)PS power and 1245 tourqu.

Car goes in 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds.evija has 70kwh (2000 kw output battery) has made by formula one engineer team.this car top speed is 200 mph and total wet is 1680kg.if 800 kw super charger take 9 minute to full charge and 350kw super charger take 12 minutes to full charge.

Inside interior lotus EVIJA a most premium and  suit this hypercar.thy use carbon fiber to inside and wrapped by leather with aleanta.center console in neeo style lotus called this'ski slope style'.

racing car type steering wheel has same switch.seat has alcantara fabric leather.instument cluster is fully digital,this cluster show speed, battery charging,drive mode, temperature some other stuff.

steering wheel has drive mode switch, volume key,side indicator,etc.
in midle has long center console with drive button,seat adjustment control get.

Lotus car design director russeel Carr said,"the lotus EVIJA is true lotus,in that  elegantly balance stunning as the tie forms with in genious technical solution to create a beautiful car with innotive design features,it will be re+establish our brand on the global automativ stage and the way for further visionary modeled."

in exterior design is fully aerodynamic to better speed.air is go body pannel and increase force to drive.evija wing door give more sporty look.

EVIJA wheel is massive 20 inch and 21 inch wheel.in better braking force thy optimize front and rear has powerfull disc brake system.

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