Maruti Suzuki offer to 24/7 service to heavy rain in Mumbai.

Passenger Car manufacture maruti suzuki announced emergency services to help heavy rain car owner in Mumbai.

In recently days Mumbai has heavy rainfall.there people facing lot's problem in this rain car stuck in road,water goes to exhaust in enter engine.

Maruti Suzuki provide 24×7 service to towing car.thy said over 3.5lakh massage to customer send to regulatory filing.

thy tie up with insurance company and towing agencies to 24/7 service.thy service manager customer to share number to there respective area. 

Maruti Suzuki India executive director mr.partho banejee said,"in these difficult times,quick moment of people helps them to address challenge in an effective manner.we are committed to ensure full fledged support to our customers in this time severity.our request to customer is to not start a submerged car.this will help prevent consequential damage.our dedicated teams have taken position at workshops to handle customer cars is maruti Suzuki endeavour to educate customer to handle cars impacted by water intrusion our similar proactive initiative in other instance of flood have helped reduce damage to their cars".

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