Ampere electric decrease her electric vehicle price.

 electric two wheeler manufacture ampere has cut off her ev price range.this scooter much better than other electric scooter to available in India.

Indian government decrease GST norms vehicle price in 12% to 5%.ampare decrease almost 2k-5k.ampare also partnership with greavs cotton India limited.thy take over August ampere has 81% stock holder in grave India.

the ampere has V48,red-lion, electric scooter,Reo-la,magnus scooter.this scooter has 250kw brush less dc motor with 48v lithium ion battery.this scooter drive range is 65-70 kmpc.this two wheeler take 3-5 hours to full charge.

Ampere v-48 la now available 34.000 price range other Reo-La,magnas and V48 available in 40k,45k and 50k price range.
Indian government decrease also GST price of EV charger.

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