Evolet launch new electric scooter in india.

New electric vehicle start up based (REM) rissala electric motors private limited has launch new electric scooter and electric ATV,bike in India.
In electric vehicle range thy launch polo pony,pony is electric scooter and derby electric bike other one warrior has electric ATV bike.

Polo has available in two trim option EZ (48V24Ah lead acid battery) and Classic (48V/24Ah lithium ion battery) classic.thy have waterproof Brussels motor get.her EZ has available 36.499 and classic Rs 49.999 available.
Her polo pony hasx 25kmpl max speed is 60km per charge.

Her other bikes derby and warrior.her derby bike has brush less Dc electric motor and available EZ and classic variant.derby get top speed 25 kph and one full charging this Josef 60km.this bike available in 49k-59k price range.

And last thy also launch electric ATV  bike.this ATV has 3kw power motor and max speed 60 kmph.one time full charge 50km per charge.this ATV has reverse gear system.you drive this ATV in reverse gear system.this bike has lithiiom ion battery.price be goes this e- bike in 1.4 lakh.

Evolet has announced 3 year warranty in battery and 18 month warranty in electric motor.
Evolet has also launch electric scooter raptor and falcon,thy also plane to launch hawk electric super bike in up oming month.

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