New MV rule and regulations has implant in indian road.

Indian motor vehicle act,1998 has get in Indian road.this is second time this act with update.this new MV 1998 act has launch.

1) if brake rule of road and regulations than penalty be Rs500 minimum,old penalty is Rs100.(section 177A) new act

2) if found any government authorisation work disobedience than be pay penalty Rs 2000 penalty,old penalty is 500.(section 179)

3) driving without lincene it pay Rs 5000 penalty,old penalty 500 penalty and found unauthorised vehicle use in without licence than ready to penalty Rs 5000 penalty.(section 180,181).

4) if found overload vehicle than penalty be Rs20.000 penalty and per Rs 2000 penalty extra tone. new act (section 194).

5) if found over speeding than LMV has Rs1000 penalty and medium size has Rs2000 penalty,dangers driving has up to Rs 5000,Drunken driving has Rs10.000, racing and high speed driving Rs 5000 penalty. (section 183,184,185,188).

6) any vehicle found in without permit than up to Rs10.000 penalty.(section 192A).

7) overloading passenger in bus,any taxi service than Rs 1000 penalty, overloading in two wheeler Rs 2000 penalty and lincene suspend in three month.(section 194A,194 C)

8) without helmet Rs 1000 penalty and suspend license in three month.(section 194 D).

9) disobedience in emergency vehicles than Rs10.000 penalty.( section 194 E)

10) if found driving, riding vehicle without insurance than Rs 2000 penalty be done.(section 196).

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