Global NCAP has revealed her lattest car  inspected safety performance.this global  NCAP is best platform to safety rule.

In this NCAP has currently checking safety test in maruti Suzuki wagor,earti a,datson redi go, + santro.NCAP has world most trusted agency's to find most trusted.

Maruti suzuki eartiga has get three star rating as adult and child safety features thy have ABS,Duel airbag,seat belt reminder,isofix anchorages in standard model.

Other maruti s-uzuki new wagomR also qulify with 2 star safety rating.this car safety features have only driver side airbag,seat belt reminde6r.6wagaonr scored has 6.93.this build quy is very poor, increase chances to dangerous situations.

Hyundai Santro has get 2 star safety rating on (6.74).safety features thy offer single side airbag,ABS and seat belt reminder.

Datson redi go has also get same 2 star safety rating (8.36).safety features thy have only driver side airbag with seat belt reminder in front.her safety rating down in 17 points in wagonr ans santro.

David ward CEO in global NCAP say for the Datsun Redi-Go.
“The Redi-Go achieved just one star for adult occupant protection and two stars for child occupant protection. The Redi-Go offers only a driver-side airbag as standard. Its structure was rated as unstable. Its foot well area was rated as unstable. Head protection for driver was adequate due to steering wheel displacements. Head protection for the passenger was good. Driver and passenger neck protection was good. Chest protection was poor for the driver and marginal for the passenger. The poor protection of the driver's chest means that there is a high probability of life-threatening injuries. Poor protection for any of the critical body regions, in this case, the chest, limits the star rating to one star for the adults. The Redi-Go does not offer SBR in the front seats and, even if it had, the result would remain a single star. SBR points are limited as the chest is brown or red. Child occupant protection showed poor results mainly because of the contact of the head of the 18-month-old with the front seat and for the exposed head of the 3-year-old dummy during the impact. The static rear 3 point belts created difficulties in the proper and safe installation of a CRS. It is surprising that this car is not offering 3 point belts with automatic retractors for all occupants.”
“The Indian government’s crash test standards are clearly helping to eliminate any new zero star cars from the market, and we will continue to work with them to ensure the push of regulatory requirements is complemented by the pull of consumer awareness, encouraging the demand for ever-higher levels of safety.”