Tesla reveled new cybertruck in U.S.

Tesla has revealed her first pickup truck.this pickup look different design in same any Hollywood batman movie.
thy design studio in Hawthorne, California.Tesla CEO elon musk has showcased this vehicle.

This cybertruck has available two motor option single motor and rear wheel drive with 250km. and other one duel motor and all wheel motor has 500km.

Cybertruck had 0-100 in 6 seconds other duel motor  goes 4.2 seconde.thy pickup capacity is more.

In design is very different and unic.thy made body in stainless steel alloy to passenger safety.windshield glass is more power full than other normal one.

Cybertruck is 75.inch tall and 231.7inch long.the suspension system thy offer air suspension system.driver can suspension system setting the vehicle to which road he drive.

The extra features thy have advance driver assist,tesla autopilot also available in extra pay.

This cybertruck starting price in $39.900.tesla start taking booking for this vehicle.

Tesla also showcase one ATV bike in event.this is fully electric with stylist look.tesla not announcement this bike availability,hope thy launch soon.

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