Benling electric two wheeler manufacturer has launch her first scooter Aura in Bangalore city.

This electric scooter Aura has 2500 BLDC electric motor with inbuilt 72V/40AH lithium ion claim this scooter has 100km-120km range in one time full charge. battery take 4hours to full charge the battery.scooter top speed is 65kmph.Bangalore benling dealers has don't know prefect about scooter.same dealers said 60-70km range,same 90-100km range.

In extra feature thy available digital instrument cluster,remote key less entry,anti theft alarm,rear wheel integrated system,etc.

Benling Aura has has (BSAS) Breakdown smart assistance system make restart move to produce power and start moving on,just need to turn on BSAS switch on.

Thy has already In market her low speed scooter Kriti,Icon and Falcon.benling has offered 3 year warranty in lithium ion battery system.