South Korea automobile manufacturer company Hyundai has create Guinnes of world record to her Kona electric SUV.this SUV has driven sawula pass Tibet.this place has heigt 5.731 metre in ground level.Kona electric is first electric vehicle reach in this 5.715.28 high level.this is very proud monument to the Hyundai,and this first made in india car also.

This proud moment Hyundai motor CEO mr.Ss Kim said,"under the emissions impossible mission ,kona electric has proved its mettle in the world's toughest terrains without compromising its performance .it is a tech icon and the new normal as it is the first long range green SUV with 452km/charge (ARAI certified) enhancing indian customer confidence towards towards electric avoid any range anxiety, customer will be provided with two chargers along with the car-a portable charger and AC wall box charger.additionally,in select cities (delhi,mumbai, Bengaluru and chennai) a special kona electric fleet fitted with power coverter is providing emergency charging support to the customer.for customer convenience, all  Hyundai kona electric selling delership are equipped with 7.2kw AC charger to support customer for kona electric charging."

This Electric suv has launch july 2019 in has created 132bhp power and 395nm peak torque gies 0-100km in just 9.7 second.this car has competition in market MG MOTOR ZS EV,Tata nexon ev.