luxury car manufacturer Lexus has finally sell made in India ES300h sedan car in February 2020.Lexus is Toyota sub brand thy made luxurious vehicle in Lexus.thy start in working in India in march 2017.thy also announced customer experience centre in Hyderabad,chennai,kochi and Chandigarh thy already exit in mumbai and delhi.

 Thy launch ES 300h Exquisite and ES 300h luxury trim in India.Lexus also launch two new cars LC500h and NX 300h F sport three variant india.
 This ES 300h and NX 300h has same 2.5L four cylinder hybrid petrol engine.the ES 300h has 215bhp power and 220nm peak torque get and other NX 300h 194bhp max power and 210nm peak torque get.all this car have 6 speed eCVT gearbox available.this ES 300h,NX 300h and LC 500h has BSVI emissions norms complete.

Masakazu Yoshimura, Chairman of Lexus India said “This new chapter is significant for Lexus and for our presence in India. Today’s announcement represents our strong commitment to not just delivering an exceptional product and experience for our guests here, but sustainably enhancing our business for greater contribution to the economy and industry in India. It also clearly shows our strong trust in the skills and craftsmanship of the Indian workforce for producing quality products,”.

In price range of lexus ES 300h Exquisite (new trim) has 51.9lakh and other Lexus ES 300h luxury in 56.95lakh variant.Lexus NX 300h Exquisite (new trim) 54.9lakh,NX 300h luxury 59.9lakh and NX 300h F-sport 60.6 lakh Price range available.Lexus new LC 500h coupe price range on1.96crore available.