Ferrari launch upcoming year her all new cars.

Sports car manufacturers Ferrari plane to introduce her new car in this upcoming year. this Italian sports car company has 2019 year launch her F8 spider,812 GTS, SF90 Stradale, Roma, F8 Tributo. now thy plane new Ferrari launch with same hybrid and new design element.

Speaking with Autocar Galliera said," a year consolidation" to support those launches. but when asked more recently if that meant Ferrari won't unveil any new cars this year, he told Autocar." we're always planning to do something more, and we intend to make some news, we will launch two new models by the end of the year".
Galliera's also said to the upcoming year 2022 what Ferrari future," potentially every segment is of interest to us, with the caveat that Ferrari is in the luxury sports car market.

"we can enter every market in which we can deliver a car that meets our position as a luxury car firm. we have certain limitations connected to the of the is a sports car manufacturer.
"When we look at the new segment, we have to keep in mind the soul and positioning of the Ferrari brand, and that's our only limitation.there are some natural segment, such as sports and GT cars, but we can look to others as long as they're consistent with our heritage."

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