Mercedes-Benz launch india online portal to buy new cars.

This COVID-19 case automobile sector has gone down, many automobile manufacturers have shutdown her plant to this lockdown. now people have not allowed road than luxury car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz has launched India online shop portal to the customer, who buys a car but this lockdown never happened.mercedes-Benz already available online market to used cars.

Mercedes-Benz vice president Mr.santosh lyer sales and marketing conversation with AUTOCARINDIA said, "Most customers do their research online today – they’ve mostly made up their mind by the time they come to the showroom. Our online sales platform will let customers buy a car online – including documentation – and one of the key differentiators for us will be an online sales concierge. The platform won’t leave everything up to the customer – there will be consultation available for commercial offers, negotiation and a test drive and delivery as well. Everything on our sales platform is transparent – from availability to the spec of the car,” said Iyer.

Interestingly, Mercedes’ digital sales platform isn’t a direct business-to-consumer model, and involves dealers all across India, as customers can choose which dealership they want to buy their car from, depending on their location.

“The route we’ve followed is that access to the platform is based on your geography; this platform is by the dealer and for the dealer. There is a 'Shop' that belongs to each individual dealer in the region. The stock the customers view is what is available with the dealers, and the offers are also dealer-specific, and one can view the full package – including the on-road price of the car,” Iyer added.

After lockdown many years automobile sector facing loses. many automobile manufacturers are help government to fight this COVID-19 virus.

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