Finally, India has got's drive-through COVID-19 treating lab. this Indias first drive-through COVID-19 testing lab India. other countries have already worked, UAE South Korea and India this lab in west Delhi Dr.Dangs Lab.thy three lab in city Aurobondo marge, Johar bagh and Punjabi bagh fourth lab have Gurgaon. the Center government ordered to Indian council of medical research(ICMR) to only tested those people who have a working health department, those who get contact
Positive patients, infected place travel history and many others.

This testing work by submitting an online form then book an appointment.when thy call you to test you come identify proof. one car has only two patients allowed. doctor come to your car window and take a sample of nose and throat.this treatment takes only 15minutes and the patient can go one. this lab has per days testing 30 people capacity. this sample results can send you email 1-2days.

Dr.Dangs Lab CEO Arjun dang said, "the drive-through test is inspired by two factors -three are countries like South Korea which have conducted the test successfully and it ensures maximum safety for patients and staff"
He adds "we keep a buffer of 20 minutes between each patient, which allows our staffer time to discard the PPE kit.the laboratory premises is also disinfected on a regular basic.three is minimal, contact between the staff and the patient. even the money transactions are online and through cash wallets, every procedure is online and paperless to ensure minimum chances of transmission"
People make appointments to log-in