Classic motorcycle manufacturers Royal Enfield has showcased her electric Royal Enfield   Photon.this bike thy showcase is just electric experiment. Royal Enfield identify is the Oldest global motorcycle in continuous production in India.

This electric Photon Royal Enfield inspired by classic 350 and 500.this electric bike have 12kw electric motor and make 15hp max power, same people think electric bike never have instant pickup but this bike goes 50-60kmph in just three seconds Otherside any Royal Enfield classic takes almost 8 seconds.that means the electric bike has lot's more pickup quality. talk about drive range bike has single full charged goes 130km. this bike full charged take 90 minutes fast charger, regular charger take 2-3hours.

This bike converted  by UK electric car converter spacial classic ECC(Electric classic cars).thy convert old classics cars in electric vehicles.thy converter many classic cars in UK.

This bike has led headlight with round DRLs, classic 350 same instrument meter, engine side have big battery with cover.under the box fitted cooling fan. Other mechanical features as same duel disc brake etc.

Price of this bike is $20.000 in UK, Indian Rs 18lakh almost. recently showcased Harley Davidson livewire prize Rs24lakh.