CEAT tyre announced increase warranty period during this lockdown.

Globally many automobile and automobile releated parts manufacturers has stopped production plant.india has all automobile manufacturers stop production this effect COVID-19.many automobile manufacturers come to help government to fight COVID-19.
largest tyre manufacturer CEAT tyre has released statement to extend her warranty in three month.customer has helpful this news.thy release statement tyre warrenty extended March 1 2020 to 1 may 2020.

CEAT tyre chief operating officer," we have taken the decision keeping the safety of our customers in mind.while we all are following the government directives of social distancing,we want to ensure that our customers continue to get the benefits of the warranty during these trying times."

CEAT tyre also come to help to distribute sanitatizer,face mask and food to peoples.CEAT distribute food packet in many city.

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