Nissan has officially discontinued her Nissan Sunny and Micra.thy remove this car in her official website also. now India sells only Nissan Kick SUV and GT-R, Nissan Kick SUV has recently get BS6 update. Nissan finds low sell in Sunny and Micra in the segment.

In Nissan Sunny available petrol and diesel option. petrol engine available in 1.5L petrol engine with 99hp max power and 134nm peak torque manual transmission get 5-speed gearbox and CVT transmission has 101hp max power and 135nm peak torque produce. Diseal engine has 86ps max power and 200nm peak torque has got. Indian market these cars did not get impressive impact but international market thy very good sell growth.

Other Nissan Micra has first Active available in 1.2L petro engine with 68hp max power and 104nm peak torque offer. In transmission, options get a 5-speed manual gearbox.
Next facelift version Micra Active get more power and torque.thy also launched that time diseal variant 1.5L K9K with 64hp max power and 160nm peak torque get.

Nissan Sunny and Micra have an expensive car in that segment. Sunny first launch India in 2011 than facelift version updated in 2017. Micra has launched in 2010 and facelift version come in 2017. Micra has got many impressive updated in the facelift version.