Bosch introduced new bike safety system.

Bosch revealed her new bikes security system. this system helps to send automatically SOS massage in emergency services. this system has already available in the same modern cars. this feature has now available only  Germany, upcoming days Bosch launch in Indian bikes. this same features available have TVS iqube electric scooter.

This safety system work 'internal measures unit and intelligent crash algorithm' sensor. this sensor has to find bike acceleration and bike crash sensor  signal. this signal frequency is 100 times per second to send a message with GPS location to emergency services.

This system has connected in Vivastar app via Bluetooth connectivity. this help easily contacts bike and access all information about bike owner.this system connected in ABS,ESP,etc.

Thay said, in case the customer meets with an accident in European countries outside Germany (Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) the system would still be able to connect with the Bosch service centre, which will then inform the local emergency services about the accident. Naturally, the system will only function with those motorcycles that already have the required inertial measurement units and MSC Features.

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